The kitchen is arguably the busiest and most important room in your home.

Food storage, meal prep, cooking, snacking and feasting all happens in the kitchen – which is why keeping clean (and safe) is an essential daily task.

Keeping your kitchen clean

The kitchen generates some of the toughest cleaning tasks in the home.

Grease, burnt-on foods, splashes and spills mean you need kitchen cleaning products that are up to the challenge.

What products do you use to clean your kitchen?

Most people fall into one of two categories when it comes to cleaning products, chemical or chemical-free.

Cleaning with chemicals

Many people clean with chemical cleaners from the local supermarket.

All-purpose sprays, oven cleaners, antibacterial surfaces wipes, fridge cleaner and deodorisers.

There’s an array of different chemical cleaners for a multitude of purposes.

How to clean with chemicals

Most all-purpose kitchen cleaners are a simple spray and wipe solution.

However, if you read the instructions on the back of the bottle, most require more steps than you might realise to be effective.

Such as wiping down all your surfaces before you spray. Leaving the chemicals to sit for up to 10 minutes after spraying and then rinsing surfaces thoroughly to remove any residue.

Why clean with chemicals?

A lot of people choose chemicals to kill bacteria.

Keeping the bacteria count low on surfaces in the kitchen is important to keep your food prep area safe.

What if you could clean hygienically, removing both dirt and bacteria, without introducing harsh chemicals to your cooking space?

Cleaning without chemicals

Keeping clean and bacteria-free with ENJO removes the need for harmful chemicals in your home.

ENJO fibres can keep your kitchen clean and safe by harnessing patented fibre technology.

How to clean your kitchen without chemicals

It’s easy, three simple steps: wet, wipe and dry.

The fibres and water work together to draw dirt from surfaces with capillary action, mechanically cleaning the surface to remove dirt.

The super-absorbent Miracles used to dry surfaces help prevent bacteria from growing.

No chemicals required.

Why clean your kitchen without chemicals?

It’s quick, it’s green, it’s safe (just water) and it works.

We haven’t been cleaning with chemicals long enough to know the long-term effects of the chemical ingredients, but we do know they can be harmful (hence the warning labels).

Cleaning without chemicals means investing in reusable cleaning products – reducing waste and your carbon footprint.